Saturday, May 14, 2016

Doctor Residency Norfolk Virginia MatchDay2016

If you're a Dr starting a residency in Norfolk or Portsmouth Virginia and are looking for a cleaning lady starting July/August 2016-LET'S TALK.
I understand the special needs of Resident Physicians.
Night shift this week and Day shift the next? No problem.
Forgot to call and tell me this until day of? No problem.
Dishes not done for a week? No problem.
Trail of scrubs from door to bathroom? No problem.
Place looks like it was tossed? No problem.
Fistful of references from other Resident Physicians? No problem.
I LOVE my Resident Doctors. They love me.

Bonus: I will NEVER ask you to look at this (insert weird thing here) or write me scrips for controlled substances.  Not ever.

Email me Subject: MATCHDAY2016