Monday, May 16, 2016

Pet Friendly Housecleaner in Norfolk Va July 2016 Schedule

How is it mid-May already?!?
I have a spot or two open for monthly or bi-weekly clients starting July 2014 in Norfolk, Va.
Weekly house cleaning-as much as I would love to take your money every single week, I have nothing open at the moment.

Don't try to con me with your 3000+ sq ft McMansion of fuckery. NO. DO NOT WANT.
Taking on your 4 bedroom house is not going to make either of us happy. Trust me on this.

Ridiculously pet friendly, green cleaning lady.
Unless you have pet spiders or scorpions or things that are venomous -then I'm scared-but I'll still come clean your house!
I come with excellent completely verifiable references from real cleaning clients-that will also tell you about my pet friendliness.
I don’t use tobacco, show up drunk/hungover, have childcare issues or got a ride from some weird dude sitting outside in his car waiting/blowing up my phone. Nooooooooope. Because fuck that.

Hot messes with intact checkbooks always welcome. Please no hoarders, pearl clutchers or un-medicated crazies-we have to have limits you know.
To schedule your cleaning, please email me

Be sure to include the important info about your place-bedrooms, bathrooms, pets, counter/appliance/flooring types, level of fail going on-an address or at least a neighborhood is helpful to figure out where I can fit you in to my schedule.
For your convenience and/or peace of mind, I gladly book initial cleanings on Saturdays and Sundays..