Friday, August 26, 2016

Pet Friendly Cleaning Lady Norfolk, Virginia September Housecleaning Schedule 2016

Who am I kidding?
I have no availability for new cleaning clients in Norfolk, Virginia during the month of September 2016.

My waitlist's waitlist has a waitlist. It's like that.
Sadly, I do not have any cleaning referral. Reliable housecleaners are hard to find.
People who get into this business tend to think well cleaning houses is not rocket science...nope it isn't. It's chemistry. And manual labor. And self-motivation. And a lot of dealing with people and their quirks. #reasonsistaybooked

Here's a random photo of my brown dog doing yoga. I know-not remotely helpful to your lack of having a maid come come clean your house situation. It's the best I can do to soften the NOPE.
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Pet friendly green cleaning lady in Norfolk,