Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dearest Potential Green Cleaning Client in Norfolk, Virginia

Oh hai.
I have multiple cleaning clients leaving the Norfolk, Va area at the end of June/ beginning of July 2017.

What this means to you, potential new cleaning client: My openings are hit or miss. I cannot guarantee you a weekday spot right now. I cannot guarantee you the same day for bi-weekly. Weekly? Not happening. There's no room on the #cleaningschedule.

Here's what Spring Cleaning 2017 looks like.
March-unless we are already trying to figure a day-forget March.
April-if you're willing to take whatever I have, catch me last of March to see what's available.
May-see April.
June-Nope. Nuhuh. Not gonna happen.

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If you matched to Norfolk, Va-I am your maid. I come with a long list of references from current and former Dr's

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