Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pet Friendly Green Cleaning Lady Norfolk Virginia November 2017 Schedule's been a minute.

I have precious few slots open in November 2017 for some one-time pre-holiday cleaning or dependable monthly cleaning clients in Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth.
Portsmouth-I have afternoon (1230-1pm ish) monthly cleaning spot open on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays only.
Norfolk-I have afternoon (1230-1pm ish) weekly or bi-weekly housecleaning opening on Mondays only.
I also have a monthly clean available on Saturdays. I *might* even venture out of Norfolk or Olde Towne. Let's talk.

Before you get an excite: I do not take on larger homes. You are better served by a team cleaning service than an independent maid.
Trust me. No I don't have a recommendation.

Dearest Interns, Residents, Attendings, Chiefs of Staff and Fellowship Doctors. Hey. Hi. You need me. My last 4 #peds Interns have or will be Chiefs. Why? Because driven Doctors are not fucking around with mundane things like laundry, trash, dishes and vacuuming.
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Me: Ridiculously pet friendly dependable green cleaning lady in Norfolk, Virginia. Excellent Verifiable references.
I don't hire or contract other cleaners. Same person every time.

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Phone: 757.955.5274