Saturday, May 26, 2018

Summer Housecleaning Schedule ThatGreenMaid Norfolk Virginia

How is it almost June already?

I have multiple housecleaning clients leaving me this summer for new adventures in far away places. Most of these house cleaning openings have already been filled with fabulous new long term cleaning clients...however...I have a few weekend cleaning service openings coming available in July 2018.

If you are a hot mess of fail seeking a pet friendly maid / life fixer, I am the only person in the 757 to call. Accept no substitutes.
Incoming and current resident Doctors strongly encouraged to inquire. 
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Anyone can come clean of your house but not anyone will:
come on a weekend.
genuinely loves pets.
come let your drunk ass in when you've locked yourself out.
overnight fedex your phone when you're out of town.
pick you up from the airport at are you serious right now o'clock.
move your cleaning last minute because you forgot you're on a nightfloat this week...and not charge you for it.
scoop out that nasty litterbox because you're literally home only to sleep.
handle your laundry because again...literally home to sleep.

Is your life at this level of WTFICAN'TEVEN?

I got you. MamaB knows your life. If you have cash money, I will come fix this fuckery every week.

If you're particular about how you prefer your home cleaned-DON'T CALL ME. I'm not the cleaner for you.

If you need to check me out some more *cough cough internet slueth* before deciding to entrust me with your pets and housekeys-I'm thatgreenmaid on IG, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit and probably a few lesser known social media platforms.

Phone/Text: (757) 955.5274