Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moms to be- Is Your Cleaning Lady Vaccinated?

Vaccines are a touchy subject with some people. Especially grown ass people who don't believe they need a booster vaccine because they grown and you can't tell grown people shit.

I clean for a shit-ton of Doctors. Specifically pediatricians. #chkd #nmpc #evms

Yesterday while some of my Doctors were out there doing the #marchforscience I was out getting my Tdap vaccine updated.

Protesting isn't my thing. #marchforscience #vaccinessavelives

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I have multiple clients that have either:
recently given birth
are due to give birth soon
have just found out they are pregnant
are actively trying to get pregnant

Whooping cough kills babies ya'll. #vaccinessavelives
Anyone that is going to spend time in or around newborns should get that Tdap booster vaccine.
Don't get butthurt if a new mom says oh hell to no on you being in close quarters with her new baby because you failed to do so.
For us grown folks, whooping cough is usually mild and easily assumed to be "just a cold".
Did I mention whooping cough KILLS babies. Legit. Kills. It is horrific.
Even pregnant woman are strongly encouraged to get a Tdap booster between 27-36 weeks with EVERY SINGLE pregnancy.

At the end of the day you do you. Me-I got my Tdap. ...and I have a few openings for new clients in Norfolk, Va. Expecting and new moms welcome.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pet Friendly Housecleaning Norfolk Virginia April 2017 Schedule

I have a few cleaning slots available.
Monday: bi-weekly Norfolk only. Ghent/downtown preferred.
Saturday: weekly/bi-weekly/monthly. Norfolk or Olde Towne
Sunday: bi-weekly. Norfolk or Olde Towne

#residentdr #chkd #evms #nmcp #nightfloat #24shift #postcall

I am not currently taking on larger homes or situations outside of Norfolk or Olde Towne. Yes I know it's just 10 minutes from somewhere I'm not...

About me: ridiculously pet friendly cleaning lady. fixer of fail and fuckery. non-smoker. norfolk native.

Best way to reach me is via email

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dearest Potential Green Cleaning Client in Norfolk, Virginia

Oh hai.
I have multiple cleaning clients leaving the Norfolk, Va area at the end of June/ beginning of July 2017.

What this means to you, potential new cleaning client: My openings are hit or miss. I cannot guarantee you a weekday spot right now. I cannot guarantee you the same day for bi-weekly. Weekly? Not happening. There's no room on the #cleaningschedule.

Here's what Spring Cleaning 2017 looks like.
March-unless we are already trying to figure a day-forget March.
April-if you're willing to take whatever I have, catch me last of March to see what's available.
May-see April.
June-Nope. Nuhuh. Not gonna happen.

 #intern #residentdoctor #attendingphysician #evms #chkd #nmcp #matchday2017 #nightfloat #24hourcall #shittyrotation #usmle
If you matched to Norfolk, Va-I am your maid. I come with a long list of references from current and former Dr's

Email is the best way to reach me

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Toxin Free Housecleaning

Now that I've gotten your attention with some crunchy buzzwords...
This is not something I offer as a service and Imma explain a little of the why.

Not all essential oils (EOs) A-actually (EOs) and B-are safe to use around pets or kids.
Cats have a long ass list of EOs that are super duper toxic to them.
Dogs also have a list of EOs that they shouldn't be exposed to randomly.
Birds and fishes and all those other small exotics kids like to have---yeah they got a list of NO to EO as well.
Trying to remember what compounds are and aren't safe with which species is just not something I want to worry myself with in the name of cleaning your home.

Kristen Bell's book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals is a must have for anyone interested in oils and how they positively and (sometimes negatively) interact with animals.

...moving on to humans...

If someone in your home has asthma, a lot of the clean smelling, breath of fresh air EOs are full of VOC (volatile organic compounds), which will probably trigger an asthma attack.

The EOs that are allegedly "good for allergies" are some of the very ones people are commonly allergic to either via breathing or skin contact.
My husband is very scent sensitive. Some of my favorite scents are completely off-limits because they trigger violent sneezing fits or all out hayfever type allergic reaction.

I've heard people (read: EO sales consultants) say shit like 'breaking out after using an EO is your body detoxing', or the oil is inferior quality.
No boo-it's an allergic reaction.

Further reading:
Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young-Essential Oil Safety: A Guide For Healthcare Professionals 2nd Edition.
This book is a must have for anyone interested in using EOs in their everyday life. Robert Tisserand is a highly respected authority in the field of aromatherapy and essential oil use and safety.

This isn't meant to scare anyone off using Essential Oils or Aromatherapy housecleaning.
I use EOs in daily life and have done so for over 20 years.
I feel it's important to make and use EO based cleaning products in your home safely.

Friday, January 27, 2017

February 2017 New Client Opening for Housecleaning Norfolk Virginia

I have an opening for new or returning housecleaning clients starting Monday February 6th.
Before you get excited and email me-unless you come with a referral from a current client, NORFOLK ONLY.
I do not want to hear about how you're 10 minutes from downtown. I am not 10 minutes from downtown.
Houses over 2500 sq ft-nuhuh. I don't have the space in my schedule to take on monster houses. This is never going to change.

If we've spoken in the past, email me again and let's talk.

Special preference given to Resident Dr's. #evms #chkd #nmcp #matchday #resident #fellowship #igotchoo

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Housecleaner Norfolk Va Pet Friendly Green Cleaner December 2016 Schedule

I should not even get people riled up...because MamaB has nothing open in December 2016 for new cleaning clients in Norfolk, Virginia.

*double checks*
Nope. Nothing. For the 9th year running, I have the absolute best clients that ensure every single open spot in December is booked.
A girl cannot ask for better.

No-I don't know anyone that currently cleans houses. I don't know if XYZ is reputable.
I can tell you this-if a cleaning company is offering a rock bottom deal in December for holiday cleaning-RUN. Why would anyone need to do that? There is not a shortage of clients seeking house cleaning services in Norfolk, Virginia.

Thank you for a wonderful 2016.
Feb/Mar 2017 is when I expect to have openings for busy professionals (looking at you EVMS residents) seeking an independent, pet friendly, green cleaner.