DEEP CLEANING AKA initial clean or one time cleaning

Top to bottom and in between house cleaning. Usually takes 4-5 hours.
An initial deep cleaning is required prior to establishing regular maid service.
I will come on weekends for this cleaning...calling me on weekends to book that day? NO.
*estimated cost $125-$250

BASIC CLEANING AKA regular, routine or maintenance cleaning

Available in 3 flavors-weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
2nd shift and weekend cleaning appointments available.
Monthly housecleaning services can take up to 4 hours.
*estimated cost weekly: $65-$90
*estimated cost bi-weekly $90-$125
*estimated cost monthly $125-$200

OMGWTFHALP my house is a hotmess of fail cleaning

Do you have Christmas decorations up in April? Are you a resident Dr or in a fellowship? #evms #chkd #pnmc Does your place look like it maybe there was a party/robbery?

This is a weekly maid service for clients who quite literally do not have their shit even remotely together.

Service always includes bed made, trash emptied, dishes caught up, basic cleaning of kitchen, common areas and bath. Other cleaning/getting your house together services vary from cleaning to cleaning based upon immediate need.

I call this intuitive house cleaning. You will call it OMG someone CLEANED!
*estimated cost $70-$90

I take pride in being accommodating to a wide variety of lifestyles, I do not offer nude or topless housecleaning services. Seriously??? WTF? Nuhuh. No.

I do not offer move-out cleanings for clients who do not have an established history with me. No exceptions.

*costs based up size of home, level of filth, types of flooring, pets, peoples, stuff and things, my mood, your mood, ok I made those last two up.

No, No I'm not Hiring.

Independent residential house cleaning lady Norfolk, Virginia
Rebecca Welch
call or text: 757 955.5274