My 'philosophy' is simple-

Everyone in Norfolk should come home to clean!
I am pet friendly, gblt friendly, christian, pagan, wiccan, new age, atheist friendly, alternative lifestyle friendly, clutter friendly, disaster-ish friendly and utter chaos friendly.

Regardless of your lifestyle, beliefs, political leanings or even level of non-cleaning-I want you to have a fabulously green cleaned home.

Hoarder? NO. NOOOOOOOOOO. I am not your maid in the 757. Fuckery yes. Hoarder No.

If you are a Dr. or PA doing your residency in Norfolk #evms #chkd #matchday2017 or Portsmouth #pnmc--and need someone to 'keep your life in order'--I am the maid for you.


I am from right here in Norfolk, Va. House cleaning has been my job of choice for over 20 years. I switched to green and natural cleaning products in 2007.  In my off time I plant things. Sometimes I make crafty type things. I also chase dead people aka genealogy.
I do not use tobacco products. I have never been arrested...ever. I pay my taxes.

My generic brown dog (that's his name) rules my life. Animals cause me to babble incoherently. All dogs are puppies to me. ALL OF THEM.

In short words-I  my job. I'm a little batty. I also  your pet---a lot.

Info relevant to your interests:

A solid reputation as honest, dependable cleaning lady is important to me. I make no secret that I like money. I also like my beautiful house and my current lifestyle. Meaning- I show up and do my job so I can get paid and go home. Also...

I do not hire or contract other cleaners. EVER.
You get me and me and me. Except when you get me and my spawn.

I've probably shared more than you ever need to know. I believe you should have some insight about the person you're contemplating letting into your home and possibly trusting with keys to your home and access to your pets.

Night Float Friendly Cleaning Lady for Resident Dr.'s in Norfolk, Va
Rebecca Welch
757 955.5274