My 'philosophy' is simple-

Everyone should come home to clean!
I am pet friendly, lgbtqia friendly, christian, pagan, wiccan, new age, atheist friendly, alternative lifestyle friendly, clutter friendly, disaster-ish friendly and utter chaos friendly.

Regardless of your lifestyle, beliefs, political leanings or even level of non-cleaning-I want you to have a fabulously green cleaned home.

Hoarder? NO. NOOOOOOOOOO. I am not your maid in the 757. Fuckery yes. Hoarder No.

Are you a Dr doing their residency or a fellowship in Norfolk or Portsmouth and need someone to 'keep your life in order'?
I am the maid for you. I know what you need. I know about last minute night call. I know you're a hot mess. I gotchoo.


I am from right here in Norfolk, Va. 757 local. Not going anywhere.
House cleaning has been my job of choice for over 20 years.
I use environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible.
In my off time I plant things.
Sometimes I make crafty type things.
I also chase dead people aka genealogy.
I do not use tobacco products.
I have never been arrested...ever.
I pay my taxes.
I can pass a background check.

My generic brown dog (aka G) rules my life.
Animals cause me to babble incoherently.
All dogs are puppies to me. ALL OF THEM.

In short words-I  my job. I'm a little batty. I also  your pet---a lot.

Info relevant to your interests:

A solid reputation as honest, dependable cleaning lady is super important to me.
I make no secret that I like money. Mama B likes nice things...like electricity and my house.

In short words: I show up, pet your furbabies, do my job so I can get paid and go home to my brown dog.

I do not hire cleaners. EVER.
You get me and me and me. Except when you get me and my spawn.

I've probably shared more than you ever need to know.
I believe you should have some kind of insight about the person you're contemplating letting into your home, entrusting keys/alarm codes and access to your peoples and pets.

Night Shift Friendly Cleaning Lady in Norfolk, Va
Rebecca Welch
call or text: 757 955.5274
email: bek@thatgreenmaid.com