Your Pet friendly cleaning lady in the 757. 
Eco friendly green house cleaning...but not afraid of a little bleach.

Does your home typically look like it maybe there was a party/robbery? 
Did stuff just kinda happen and then get outta control? 
Is your sink overflowing with dishes? 
The depression nest is seeming more like a stanky trash heap? 
Are you overwhelmed by responsibility and the rising level of filth?
Is your home motto: Fur...so much fur.
Trust me, I know you life. I can sorta fix it. Well the cleaning part anyway.

I welcome busy professionals, overwhelmed humans and interesting eclectics seeking greener house cleaning services of houses, apartments and condos in Norfolk, Port Norfolk, South Norfolk and shore side of Virginia Beach.

Housecleaning should not feel like an intrusion which is why I don't have employees.
You get me me and me...except when you get me and my spawn. 
No surprise people showing up. Ever.

Let me fix your chaos.
call or text: 757 955.5274