Pet friendly, green cleaning lady in Norfolk, Virginia
Fabulous verifiable residential housekeeping references.

Environmentally friendly house cleaner. Pet-friendly private maid service.

Do you have holiday decorations up in April? Are you a resident Dr or in a fellowship? Does your place look like it maybe there was a party/robbery? Is adulting too hard?
80% of my cleaning clients fall under this category so you're in good company.

I specialize in disorder, disarray and utter chaos. If you just can't seem to get your home "ready" for the cleaning lady or other cleaning services have turned you away for being a hot mess of fail-I'm the maid to call in the 757.

My cleaning services always include bed made, trash emptied, dishes caught up, basic cleaning of kitchen, common areas and bath. Other cleaning/getting your house together services vary from cleaning to cleaning based upon immediate need.

My clients deserve to know how much my cleaning services cost-upfront. The housecleaning rate I quote you-whether via phone or email, is the exactly the cleaning rate you will pay.

I will show up to clean your home when I say I'm going to. If I'm running behind or have somehow been abducted by aliens, I have enough damn sense to pick up a phone and let you know.

I will talk gibberish to your pets. Lots of gibberish...and at the end of my visit, I will leave you with a home clean home or apartment clean apartment or hovel clean hovel-no judgement here.

For the safety of my feathered, furry and scaly friends, I do not offer Essential Oil or Aromatherapy 'cleaning'.

For my convenience, I accept cash, personal checks, direct allotments and NCFU/USAA transfers as payment.

Housecleaning should not feel like an intrusion which is why I don't have employees. You get me me and me. Same cleaner every time.

Pet-friendly green house cleaning in Norfolk Virginia
Rebecca Welch
call or text: 757 955.5274
email: bek@thatgreenmaid.com