5 Reasons I Don't Discount My Cleaning Services

 There are people roaming this earth that believe my time and talents are owed to them at a discount…for reasons. 

Wanting a discount on your house cleaning is not a service I provide on any day of the week.

A cleaner I’m friendly with shared this exchange with a potential client after she quoted them her rates for service.

Entitled Person:'Don't you know the state of the economy?'

House Cleaner: 'Can I use that line at the grocer, doctor, mechanic and get my shit for a discount?'

Entitled Person: 'Those things are a necessity-you're a want.'

*lemmie just say right here that my clients consider me a necessity and will roll pennies to make sure they have money to pay for my special brand of cleaning-more than a time or two.*

Adjusting my prices on demand to suit one’s lack of finance has never been in my best interests.

I’ve found it attracts clientele that: 

  1. Do not respect boundaries.

  2. Have unrealistic expectations.

  3. Badmouth other cleaners they have used in the past.

  4. Go completely batshit when I discontinue service.

  5. Badmouth me to all their friends. 

I know we’re in an uncertain economy-but like you, my bills are certain to come due every month. I’m not interested in the back and forth of you trying my patience to get a deal.