Weekly house cleaning
Biweekly/Every other week house cleaning
Once a month house cleaning
Quarterly house cleaning (yep that's a thing)

DEEP CLEANING AKA initial clean or one time cleaning

Top to bottom and in between house cleaning. Usually takes 4-5 hours.
An initial deep cleaning is required prior to establishing regular maid service.
I will come on weekends for this cleaning...calling me on weekends to book that day? NO. MamaB does not have same day cleaning service.
*estimated cost $225-$350

BASIC CLEANING AKA regular, routine or maintenance cleaning

Available in 3 flavors-weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
2nd shift and weekend cleaning appointments available.
Monthly housecleaning services can take up to 4 hours.
*estimated cost weekly: $95-$135
*estimated cost bi-weekly $125-$180
*estimated cost monthly $200-$295

Move out cleaning is offered exclusively to established clients.

*costs based up size of home, level of filth, types of flooring, pets, peoples, stuff and things, my mood, your mood, ok I made those last two up.
Real talk-the bigger/messier your home, the more it will cost to keep it clean.

Contacting me for a house cleaning quote is not an obligation to hire me to clean your home or an invitation for further contact from me.
I will not sell/rent/share your info.
Like you, I don't wanna be bothered with things I did not ask for.
I give you a quote-that's it. You book or you don't. I like it simple.
I'm not going to stalk you or spam you-that requires effort and/or getting up off the couch.

I take pride in being accommodating to a wide variety of people and lifestyles.
I do not offer nude, topless or adult themed housecleaning services.

No, No I'm not Hiring.

Independent residential house cleaning lady Norfolk, Virginia
Rebecca Welch
call or text: 757 955.5274

Housecleaning for the Chronically Cluttered Norfolk, Virginia

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