So....what all do you do? 

If you have to ask, I'm probably not the cleaner for you.

My services are for those who know no one else is gonna take on their fail.
I can only 'do what I can'. Let's get to it shall we?

Initial clean

An initial clean is where I start to establish a base line for future house cleaning services. Usually we've already had a conversation about your problem areas, what you absolutely hate cleaning and what you wish someone, anyone would handle. I'm going to touch a lot of things in your home in the name of cleaning but maybe not EVERY single thing. It's simply not possible for one human to clean all the things in one visit. Initial cleaning can take 4-5.5 hours with the main focus on the kitchen, bathrooms and common areas. Initial cleaning is not a 'deep clean or spring clean'.*
Without knowing anything about your home/pets/level of filth-estimated cost for an initial clean: $275-$450.

Routine Cleaning

Available in 3 flavors-weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
I do what I do, I leave when I'm done. That could be 90 minutes or it could be 4 hours-depends on your level of fuckery that day. Your price is the same every time regardless of long it takes me to get you in something resembling order.
Again without knowing anything about your home or your level of unclean:
*estimated cost weekly: $95-$150
*estimated cost bi-weekly $140-$200
*estimated cost monthly $250-$395

I do some 'light' organization as the mood strikes me. 
Cleaning and Organizing are separate services. I am a cleaner. 
Sure I can make your linen closet or pantry look instaready but that isn't cleaning.
***average rate for professional organizers is $55 hour with a 2-3 hour minimum***

Nana Is A Hoarder-This is a specialized team sport. You're looking for Virginia Hoarding.
One Time Deep Clean-I simply cannot whole house top to bottom and everything in-between in one cleaning session. This is a team sport. 
Gift Cleaning-Oh HELL No. I'm not for everyone and I don't make a good gift.

Move Out Cleaning is for established friends only.  

Contacting me for a house cleaning quote is not an obligation to hire me to clean your home or an invitation for further contact from me.
I will not sell/rent/share/store your info or add you to a mailing list.
Like you, I don't wanna be bothered with things I did not ask for.
You tell me your life, I give you a quote-that's it. You book or you don't.
I'm not going to stalk you or spam you or even ask you why you ghosted.

I take pride in being accommodating to a wide variety of people.
Nude or topless house cleaning? GTFO with that. Really tho? Fuck what you heard on the backchannel, house cleaning is not a code work for escort. 

Independent residential house cleaning lady Norfolk, Virginia

call or text: 757 955.5274