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My House Cleaner Is Too Slow

 Obviously quite a few people feel this way about their housecleaner 'cos it's turning up in my search results and is a 'complaint' when people are inquiring directly about cleaning services.

Let's look at why a house cleaner might be too slow for your liking.

Are you paying by the hour?

Well there you go. By the hour cleaning offers no incentive to move with a purpose.

Some follow up questions:

Do you last minute add tasks that will 'only take a minute'? Those minutes add up.

Are you home and following them room to room, chit chatting the whole time? Cleaners move slower when there are distractions. 

Do you have appliances or surfaces that require special cleaning products or specific instructions? 

Regardless of how experienced your cleaner is, reading instructions of unfamiliar cleaning products to perform specific cleaning techinques is gonna eat up time.

A house cleaner is there to clean your home. 

That being said-picking up, dealing with overflowing trashcans, laundry, linen changes, doing your stack of week old dishes, unclogging your drain/toilet/tub, letting your dog out---these are not 'typical' duties of a house cleaner. 

If that's what you need, it's what you need BUT you can't expect this not to take up time.


The question you really should be asking yourself is:

Am I happy with the house cleaning service I am receiving? 

Am I ok with my cleaning cost fluctuating based on time spent in my home?

I can't answer these for you. I don't offer by the hour cleaning rates.

5 Reasons I Don't Discount My Cleaning Services

 There are people roaming this earth that believe my time and talents are owed to them at a discount…for reasons. 

Wanting a discount on your house cleaning is not a service I provide on any day of the week.

A cleaner I’m friendly with shared this exchange with a potential client after she quoted them her rates for service.

Entitled Person:'Don't you know the state of the economy?'

House Cleaner: 'Can I use that line at the grocer, doctor, mechanic and get my shit for a discount?'

Entitled Person: 'Those things are a necessity-you're a want.'

*lemmie just say right here that my clients consider me a necessity and will roll pennies to make sure they have money to pay for my special brand of cleaning-more than a time or two.*

Adjusting my prices on demand to suit one’s lack of finance has never been in my best interests.

I’ve found it attracts clientele that: 

  1. Do not respect boundaries.

  2. Have unrealistic expectations.

  3. Badmouth other cleaners they have used in the past.

  4. Go completely batshit when I discontinue service.

  5. Badmouth me to all their friends. 

I know we’re in an uncertain economy-but like you, my bills are certain to come due every month. I’m not interested in the back and forth of you trying my patience to get a deal.